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9" Housing Info
Shown above is the typical 1967 and up 9" (lower) and pre-1967 8" housing (upper). Note no fill plug on back of the 67 and up housing, this is true for the 67 and up 8 inch housings too.Earlier housings, like the 65-66 Mustang 8" pictured have the fill plug in the back, this is true for the earlier 9" as well.
One of the ways many people spot a 9" rear end in the car is by looking for the hump in the center of housing, this is not always the best way, as 9" housings made prior to sometime in 1966 do not have the this large center protrusion.The one shown above is out of a 63 Galaxie, note its roundish appearance, two dimples and fill plug in housing back.
Here is the housing style familiar to most, note the large center protrusion or simply the "hump" in the middle. Housing also has the two dimples, but note lack of fill plug. This housing is out of an early Bronco.
The little brother to the 9" housing is the 8" housing, note its more oval appearance when compared to the above two 9" housings. This one is out of a 65-66 Mustang, note the two dimples and fill plug.
Another area of concern when swapping axle housings into earlier Mustangs (65-66 models especially) is the diameter of the outer axle tube. Note the taper on this 8" 65-66 Mustang housing, a smaller U bolt and lower shock plate were used originally with these cars. The HIPO 289 cars were the only 65-66 Mustangs to recieve factory 9" axles, the tubes are tapered as well at the end to utilize the same lower shock plate as the regular 65-66 Mustangs.
Notice this axle tube has no taper at end,as is typical for most housings.A typical early Mustang swap is a later Granada housing, were the non-tapered tube can become an installation problem at times.
Year & Model Axle Length Notes
1965-1966 Mustang 57.25 inches narrowest 9" housing
1967-1970 Mustang 59.25 inches  
1971-1973 Mustang 61.25 inches  
1977-1981 Versailles  58.50 inches  
1967-1973 Mustang, Torino, Ranchero, Fairlane 59.25 inches to
61.25 inches 
1957-1959 Ranchero and station wagon 57.25 inches  
1966-1977 Bronco 58 inches  
1977-1981 Granada/Versailles 58 inches  
1967-1971 Comet, Cougar, Mustang, Fairlane 59.25 inches  
1971-1973 Mustang 61.25 inches  
1964 Falcon 58 inches  
1967 Cougar 60 inches  
1967 Fairlane 63.50 inches  coil springs 
1972 Ford Van 3/4 ton 68 inches  
1973-1986 Ford Van 3/4 ton 65.25 inches  

1957-1959 Ranchero and station wagon 

57.25 inches 

narrowest 9" housing
1966-1977 Bronco 58 inches 5-on-5 1/2 inch diameter bolt circle 
1967-1973 Torinos, Rancheros, Fairlanes 59.25 inches or
61.25 inches
1967-1971 Comets, Cougars, Fairlanes  59.25 inches   
1975 Mustang II 8" 57.00 inches  
1974 Maverick 8" 56.50 inches  

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