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Add your Mustang* to the
High Performance Mustang Registry
(It's free to register!)
Step 1
Registrant's Info
First Name
Last Name
Car Year

NOTICE: Valid email address or phone number required to complete registration. You will receive a confirmation email and MUST click on the link provided to complete the registration. If the provided email bounces, you WILL get a phone call for confirmation. Registrations with unconfirmed or bogus information WILL be discarded.

Please enter your information and year of your HiPo Mustang. You will enter the remainder of the information about your car in the next step. Your personal information is used for registration purposes only and will not be shared with any third parties.

NOTICE: All submissions are reviewed prior to entry into the registry database. You will not see a change in the stats until your submission is approved.

Proof of ownership MAY be required if your car is already listed in the registry and...

the data plate information you provide is different than what is listed for a pariticular car
you are not listed as the owner in our database.

If your car is previously registered, do a VIN search and use the link provided to request changes.

*No Shelbys please.

HPM Staff

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