351 stroker

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351 stroker

Postby Zed » Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:57 am

Hi Fella's,
if money was no problem which motor- Windsor or Cleveland would be the better motor to stroke. I'm thinking 4" stroke so both would be 408 ci..
This is a bench racing exercise I started thinking about after seeing the trick flow fuel injected manifolds are now available for both engines.

http://www.trickflow.com/egnsearch.asp? ... toview=sku
I know alot of you would suggest the Windsor as easier to build for parts etc but Clevelands are very easy to get here -
http://www.pavtek.com.au/index.php?opti ... &Itemid=33
I have an 85 LX hatchback sitting in my yard rusting away and one of these engines could very well end in this car. I currently have a 351W motor and a 302C motor sitting in my shed just waiting for rebuilds. This is unlikely to ever be a street car but maybe a club race car. This would be 9" 3.89:1 rear end with a 4 speed toploader as these are parts I have sitting around.
(I also thought of a 3.250 stroke windsor with BOSS 302 heads and 4 x 48 IDA's or a trickflow FI manifold.) I have the heads ,carbs and intake plus a Mexican block if I do this one instead,
Please remember this is just to get some different views on the Windoor vs Cleveland stroker.
Regards Eddie
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