plug gap & timming

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plug gap & timming

Postby chucks302 » Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:42 am

Im running a petronix ignition, looking for recomendations to set plug gap and timming for strip use with autolite 45plugs.
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Re: plug gap & timming

Postby zray » Fri Aug 16, 2013 7:10 am

unless you have a distributor that makes it easy to change advance rate, and the amount of advance, like the MSD line for example, then I would leave it stock. However, If you are keeping the stock distributor, then I would at lest put some lighter springs in it so you have full advance sooner. Or you can modify the Ford distributor to have more initial advance while keeping the total advance at 40 degrees BTDC. But this approach does not lend itself to any experimentation.

The MSD distributors make it pretty easy to do a lot of experimentation in a shot time period. Hard to beat. For best strip performance you have a adapt to different track & atmospheric conditions. It's difficult to do that with a FoMoCo distributor that's been welded up for a specific curve. Not impossible, though.

I would leave the plug gap stock unless you have more voltage to the coil via some aftermarket ignition system. A basic Pertronix module doesn't significantly change the voltage at the plug. Now if you have a Pertronix distributor, that's different. I think they do step up the plug voltage, not certain, as my aftermarket ignition experience is primarily with the MSD line.

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