C90X 9425 B Aluminum 4 Barrel Intake

Post links and desKriptions of 289 HiPo/K-Kode specifiK parts you see on ebay or other Kar sites. This seKtion used to help determine the Kurrent value of items.

C90X 9425 B Aluminum 4 Barrel Intake

Postby SixT5HiPo » Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:18 pm

This Ford aluminum intake manifold was SOLD for $430.00 by eBay member " alpine1735 ".

DESCRIPTION: " FORD 289 HiPo C90X 9425 B " over the counter" 4 barrel aluminum intake. These were sold at local Ford dealers Parts departments. Excellent condition and a very nice "Ford" performance part. A good choice for a 289 builder that enjoys retaining "Ford Correctness".

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