Reconditioned Coil Spring Perches

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Reconditioned Coil Spring Perches

Postby SixT5HiPo » Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:28 pm

These original coil spring perches are for sale by eBay member "fordluvr2 " for $399.99.

DESCRIPTION: "This is a pair of original FoMoCo coil spring perches. These are the early design where the bushing does not have flairs to keep it in place. These are very hard to find especially in this condition. No marks from the shocks rubbing, no pitting and the bushings look good. Perfect for 65-66 Shelbys. I have metal prepped them and coated them in metal T-9 metal protectant. If you have any questions ask before bidding, again this part is 40 years old and is not a new reproduction part. I will do my best to answer questions as accurately as possible. Item sold as is."

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