Online photo resize trick

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Online photo resize trick

Postby livetoride60 » Tue May 17, 2016 4:11 pm

For anyone brave enought to try it, I found this trick online and it does work.

If you have online photos you want to link to in the forum, and they are over 800x800 pixels in size, this trick will allow you to link to them in the forum and resize them on the fly. It uses Google's little known resize service.

If your pic it wider than it is high, paste the code below into your post, replacing the piece in red with the URL to your image...


If your pic is higher than it is wide, paste the code below into your post, replacing the piece in red with the URL to your image...


An example: This photo is 2048 pixels wide × 1360 pixels high and wouldn't post on the forum. You'd have to resize it yourself. Instead, using the info above:



This uses computing power from Google's servers, not HPMX. The resized pics are cached on Google's servers for 30 days so they reload quick, although you can adjust that parameter. You can also resize to a different vertical and horizontal size if you like. By only specifying either a vertical or a horizontal size, the picture's proper proportions are kept.

A full explanation here:
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Re: Online photo resize trick

Postby pony65k » Wed May 18, 2016 3:24 pm

Great tip, thanks! Will use that when I want to post a pic in the future.

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