Found 6R09K177*** - considering selling

If you find an engine, tranny, buck tag, build sheet, or any other documentation with a K VIN, post it here so it can hopefully be reunited with its Kar. You can also make an 'In Search Of' post with the VIN you're hoping to find.

Found 6R09K177*** - considering selling

Postby silverfox » Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:14 pm

Hi everyone,

I have a complete HiPo engine that has been confirmed as originating from a ’66 Shelby GT350. SAAC have confirmed that the block does have the correct VIN code stamped on it.

It appears from the SAAC registrar that the GT350 that the engine “belongs” to may no longer exist ( no history of for some time), which accords to the story that was told to me when I bought the car last year (Its originally a A code 289 which is now a GT350 clone and she has a significant number of GT350 parts on her)

I need to raise some funds to complete the resto of my '65 K code FB, so rather regrettably I am seriously considering selling it.

Brief outline specification as below:

• Genuine block (hi-po caps, rods, Le Mans cam etc) and heads, dual point distributor, harmonic balancer etc
• Genuine Cobra intake manifold and oil pan
• Non-standard carb, water pump,
I have receipts for an engine rebuild in 2007 and its in the process of being reviewed.

The engine is in England.

The magical questions are:
• Where should I advertise it?
• What is the going rate for it?

Any help/pointers you guys can gave me is appreciated

Kind Regards
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