Block 5F07K238938 in 5F08Kxxxxxx on eBay

If you find an engine, tranny, buck tag, build sheet, or any other documentation with a K VIN, post it here so it can hopefully be reunited with its Kar. You can also make an 'In Search Of' post with the VIN you're hoping to find.

Block 5F07K238938 in 5F08Kxxxxxx on eBay

Postby livetoride60 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:31 am

VIN stamped block 5F07K238938 in Konvertible 5F08Kxxxxxx for sale on eBay. Engine looks to have a lot of original parts, heads, carb, balancer, ex manifolds, fan, etc.

Seller notes the intake is dated later Nov 64, closer to Kar's build date of Jan 65, so possibly from Kars original engine. Heads & block are earlier, Aug 64.

See thread below...

Some engine pics...
Copy of 10.jpg
Copy of 13.jpg
Copy of 22.jpg
Copy of 23.jpg
Copy of 24.jpg
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