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Postby no1musclecar » Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:49 pm

A warm aloha from Hawaii! Glad you're back on-line! While I don't have a HiPo Mustang at present, I have had in the past, as well as a HiPo 64 Fairlane, and now a HiPo 64 Comet (documented special order). Look forward to seeing this develop, and will list some HiPo parts in the future. Aloha, Robert
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Re: Aloha!

Postby C6ZZKGT » Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:47 pm

Welcome aboard, Robert!! We would love to see some 64 Comet Hipo documentation.

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66 K GT Fastback Signal Flare Red / Black Pony Interior
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Re: Aloha!

Postby SixT5HiPo » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:32 pm

C6ZZKGT wrote: We would love to see some 64 Comet HiPo documentation.


Fred's got that right... If you can post up any pictures of that '64 Comet, and any of your documentation, we'd really be interested!
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Re: Aloha!

Postby 6f09kode » Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:25 pm

Hi Robert...Rob here from Canada, (S2MS intake)...nice to "see" you here. Aloha! RB
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