New HPMX user registrations and other useful info

Briefly introduce yourself, meet new members, or ask Kwestions on the use of the forums and this website. Stories and status updates about Kars should be posted in the Shop TalK section of the Members Only forum.

New HPMX user registrations and other useful info

Postby RacCol » Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:19 pm

We're really glad to see so many returning members and some new ones as well. We hope this new forum is at least as beneficial to our limited audience as the previous one was.

New User Registrations
Some things to know about registering. To curb dealing with bogus registrations, online email accounts (hotmail, gmail, ymail, etc) are not allowed. Sorry if thus causes an inconvenience for some but we felt it necessary.

When you register, you should receive a confirmation email in a fairly timely manner. You'll be required to click on the link in the email to activate your account. If you haven't received the email in a day or so, please check any spam or other filters to confirm the confirmation email didn't get by you. We prefer you not attempt another registration using a different email and a slightly different username. If that does happen, please inform us after you gain access so we can delete the extra account.

We will send a couple of reminder emails during about a 10-day period after registration. If the account is not activated in that time period, the account will be deleted. If you were unable to complete the registration within 10 days for whatever reason and the account was deleted, just simply register again to restart the process.

Additionally, if we see any accounts that appear to be questionable based on the following conditions, we will delete them immediately.
- strange/inappropriate/commercial but not car related home pages
- user names and email addresses that seem to be randomly generated
- both user name and real name being the same
- repeated/similar user names not obviously a name or car related
- anything the administrators determine to be questionable

Finally, to help determine which registrants, if any, are scammers/spammers and to help prevent us from deleting a valid account, we ask that you accomplish at least one of the following after completing registration:

Introduce yourself in the new member forum and give us a few details about your car or your interests.
Add something to the signature field in the profile section of the User Control Panel.
Select an avatar in the profile section.
Fill out some of the car-related fields in the profile section.

If you've already registered and have yet to make a post elsewhere in the forum, we'd appreciate if you accomplish one of the above.

Other Useful Info
Logging in, resetting passwords, updating profile, etc.
Always check the FAQ prior to contacting an administrator or moderator. We will not respond to emails where the issue is clearly explained in the FAQ.
If you're having problems logging in, try resetting your password before contacting a staff member.
Most user configurable settings are located on the 'User Control Panel' pages. Users may want to spend some time there to get familiar with the settings.

Thanks and enjoy!
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